all the songs that have some meaning to me.

every single song on here is a song i somehow relate to in a way. please listen and understand.

this world rejects me
this world threw me away
this world never gave me a chance
this world's gonna have to pay.

i think i could have been someone
but i can't stop what has begun
when everything is said and done
and there is no place left to run
i think i used to be someone
now i just stare into the sun.

there's a hole in the earth, i'm out
there's a hole in the earth (hole in the earth)
please take a bow (this is the end)
somewhere (this is the end)

sweet little angel
you should have run
lying, crying, dying to leave
innocence creates my hell

i could float here forever
you are ever sweet
oh, i could float here forever
oh, anemic and sweet, so

there's no hope
there's no joy left (for you)

do you ever think about
what a lovely place the world would be without all the people
that make life so unpleasant?

i saved my soul for the reaper.

a love that burns deep inside
is something we could never hide
waiting till another day, waiting to be blown away
ah ah put that gun to your head
pull the trigger now you're dead, now you're dead!

no way of knowing if i'll carry on
and im alive
and im alone
and i've never wanted to be either of those.

you spend your life trapped in this
void where you will stay always.

up against your will
through the thick and thin
he will wait until you
give yourself to him.

the tears were pouring down her face
she was crying and crying for a girl
who died so many years ago.

sweet thing, i watch you
burn so fast it scares me.

it wont give up, it wants me dead
goddamn, this noise inside my head.

ive got this feeling that i cant control.
ive got a feeling ill never know.

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1999 - angelike